Now that Barbie and I have had a couple of days to recover from the wedding (barely!), I wanted to send you a note to thank you and the rest of the crew for your outstanding performance.

Hiring you guys turned out to be the best decision we made for our wedding. Everybody was dancing – heck, my grandmother who is close to 90 years old was on the dance floor for hours! We received numerous compliments and inquiries about you during and after the wedding (there should be at least one referral coming through over the next couple of years) – people loved the performance. From the entrance, perfect pronunciation of my really difficult last name, to the amazing execution of the songs and the unforgettable finale, it was all amazing.

You guys are not only great performers, but you are outstanding professionals. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your flexibility when we fell a bit behind on the schedule, and that you played the second set from 10 PM straight to the end without break and without me having to ask for it or coordinate – when smart people take over decision-making, it just makes it so much easier for the bridal couple.

You are friendly, professional, talented, and it was a true joy meeting you. You are good people all around. It was clear to all of the guests that you love what you do.

I hope that the fact that we came to you directly (cutting out the agency middle man) means that a little more money than normally ends up in the artists’ pockets. In all honesty, you guys are so worth it and then some, and since we stretched our budget for this wedding to the max, I would like to express my gratitude in the best way I can right now – by writing you the ultimate, killer review on Weddingwire and The Knot. Hopefully this will convince more people to reach out to you and drive more business in your direction.

Kevin, again, we appreciate you and Rollex so much. THANK YOU.

Phil and Barbie